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GI CONNECT thanks all faculty members for contributing content to create a valuable CRC Masterclass resource library.
Resources below include additional material that has been made available online only.

Emerging Treatment Strategies for Advanced Colorectal Cancer

SHARE Communication Framework aiming for shared decision-making
Available on COR2ED Checkpoint

Treating Elderly CRC Patients

Role of Biologics in first line treatment of mCRC

Second Line Treatment of RAS/BRAF mutated tumors in mCRC

Treatment of MSI-H/MMR in mCRC

IDEA Trial: Optimal duration of adjuvant chemotherapy for CRC

Treatment Decision beyond 1st & 2nd line therapies for mCRC

Optimal management of CRC in the 3rd-line metastatic setting

Later-line management of mCRC: Individualizing treatment and care of patients

Skin Toxicities in GI Oncology: Diagnosis and Management Strategies


The next generation/novel targets

The right therapy for the right patient: CMS Classification and Survivorship

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GI CONNECT thanks Fight CRC for providing the patient voice as part of this educational program.

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