The Program

A GI CONNECT Interactive Masterclass on CRC Management

Expert Insights Into The Latest Clinical Data and Their Application Into Clinical Practice

An educational programme with extensive opportunities for audience participation to share case studies, ask the most challenging questions and learn and share with experts and peers.

The program will cover the following areas;

  • New horizons in the treatment & management of CRC

    • Emerging data from clinical trials
    • Immunotherapy and other novel treatment strategies
    • Emerging areas of research in mCRC
    • Future therapeutic directions
  • Best practices beyond first-line therapy: treatment strategies in later-line mCRC

    • Selection and optimal sequencing of therapeutic agents
    • The optimal approach to flexible dosing to maximise risk
    • Novel treatment approaches and combination strategies
  • Integrating current & novel treatment strategies for the management of CRC

    • Managing the challenging patient: 5 interactive clinical cases
    • The patient journey: group sequential problem-solving
  • Personalizing therapy to meet a patient’s needs

    • Individualizing treatment and care of patients in the later-line setting
    • Strategies for managing adverse events associated with targeted therapy
    • Shared decision-making in third-line treatment: physicians’ and patients’ perspectives

Look back here as we approach the program date for a detailed agenda and timings